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Miracles will never cease - a web page for the IDS-Config Project.

Project Goal

The goal of the IDS-Config Project is to permit new users of IBM Informix Dynamic Server ( IDS ) to configure an initial instance of IDS as easily as possible.

Initial Release

The initial release will most likely be limited to creating a basic operational onconfig file for a system based on minimal input from the user.

The likely initial target platform is IDS 10.00, with IDS 11.10 as another desirable candidate.

The exact scope is still to be determined - it might go so far as to generate a script that will create directories and files as well as the script.

No planned initial release date has been set - the initial goals are still 100% negotiable.

Future Versions

Future versions of IDS-Config might handle more steps of the initialization and configuration process:

Development Languages

The proposed development languages are:

Get Involved

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